SuperNotebook is a software program composed of a text editor, a study environment for PDF books, and a calculator complete with Loquendo™ speech synthesizer.


Children with Dislexya, Poor learners, Children with reading impairments, Children learning foreign languages



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SuperNotebook features an easy-to-use interface, made up entirely of images specially designed for children who are using a computer and word processing program for the first time. The SuperNotebook's principal attribute is in its ability to stimulate spontaneous writing, both through the automatic speech synthesis of each newly-typed letter, word, or sentence, and the appearance of an image which corresponds to the word when correctly written. 

The notebook's rich picture dictionary includes over 1,700 images corresponding to high-frequency words in the lexicon of elementary-school aged students and it can easily be expanded and personalized. 

Images are accessible in all languages available with the SuperNotebook: Italian, English, French, German, and Spanish. When symbols specific to a given language are not readily available on the user's keyboard, a small keyboard containing additional symbols and accented letters pertaining to the language in use appears on the side of the screen.

Digital books in PDF format can be opened directly with SuperNotebook, which reads them out loud through speech synthesis while the "karaoke" function highlights each word as it is pronounced, maintaining the original page format and allowing the user to follow along easily.

It is also possible to work interactively with PDF books as the program allows the user to carry out keyword searches for reading comprehension exercises, write directly in the digital book to answer questions, and make notes directly on the page.  Texts and images can be exported directly to SuperMaps to rapidly create a concept map on the subject.

An incorporated text-to-speech (TTS) calculator converts what is typed on SuperNotebook directly into speech without the user having to "copy-and-paste."
The SuperNotebook is thus a highly effective self-aid tool, as it allows the user to instantly transform what has been written into speech, simultaneously activating three sensory channels: one verbal and two visual (the word itself, its sound (karaoke), and its corresponding image), reinforcing children's phonological and self-correction skills. Experimental testing has shown that children with dysorthography were highly motivated to keep attempting to spell out words until they successfully obtained the correct image as feedback. This often led to  produced texts of much longer lengths and improved accuracy, thanks to both the stimulus given to correct words in order to obtain the correct image, and the use of the spell check function.



CD rom Download


PC Windows LIM Schermo Touch


Operating System
Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 desktop mode (excluding RT)

Intel Pentium 600 Mhz or higher

RAM Memory
512 MB

VGA or higher

Additional required components

    Headphones / loudspeakers
    CD reader


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