Personal Reader is a digital text reader and study environment for ebooks in PDF format that works directly from USB flash drives. The Personal Reader allows the user to read any compatible text (such as web pages, electronic books in PDF format, documents in any format, emails, etc.) through the Loquendo™ speech synthesis. 

Personal Reader

SuperMaps is a program which allows the user to design concept maps, and renders both map creation and presentation quick and easy. It is highly useful for children with learning difficulties, as well as for anyone in need of an easy-to-use  tool for organizing topics and developing study skills.

SuperMaps Classic

SuperNotebook features an easy-to-use interface, made up entirely of images specially designed for children who are using a computer and word processing program for the first time. The SuperNotebook's principal attribute is in its ability to stimulate spontaneous writing, both through the automatic speech synthesis of each newly-typed letter, word, or sentence, and the appearance of an image which corresponds to the word when correctly written.