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Anastasis is...

The Anastasis Cooperative Society was founded in Bologna in 1985 by a group of ICT professionals who, at that time, were already using new technologies in vocational training of people with special needs.

Anastasis is now a company  which is mainly a Software House, but also a Research Center (CRA) and a Training Center fostering the inclusion of people with Learning Disability, with Special Needs and social disadvantage.
Anastasis is also the main Special Needs Partner of Loquendo, a global leader in Vocal Technologies.

Anastasis currently provides:
  • Online and offline software for Rehabilitation, Compensative Software and Training for people with Learning Disability, mainly Dyslexia;
  • Educational software for people with Special Needs;
  • Online in-house and hosted services for Neuropsychological Diagnosis and Treatment
  • ITC services for the elderly and the disadvantaged
The development of our Software and Services is carried out in co-operation with a wide scientific network: Universities Research Centers, Speech Therapists, Psychologists and Neuropsychologists, Rehabilitation Professionals, and National Health Board officers.

Our main national customers are: End-users (individuals and families), Schools and Educational Institutions, National Health Board and Hospitals; Rehabilitation Institutes; Local Government Agencies; NGOs and Associations of People with Disabilites; Dealer and Resellers.

Anastasis overseas..

Anastasis has also a longlasting experience in localising and distributing overseas software.
We are the exclusive distributor for many celebrated programs from UK and Norway, and we have been the exclusive Italian distributor of IBM Special Needs products since 1996.
Some of our software products are suitable for overseas markets and are already available in some language.
Please look at our international products page  to fit your needs.

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Anastasis fact sheet..

The social basis of Anastasis is currently made up by 20 employed members (the average age is below the 35 years) as well as some external consultants.

For further information please fill the contact form.

Name: Anastasis Limited Cooperative Society
Headquarters: Piazza dei Martiri 1/2 - Bologna - Italy.
President: Mr. Andrea Ustillani.

Technology and development environments: Java, Html, Javascript, jQuery, Flash, Flex, Catalyst, HTML 5,PHP, Eclipse RCP, C, Delphi, SQL, Birt reportig tools.
Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Apple MacOS X.